We offer on-stage pre-show sessions with members of the acting company and creative teams which explore how the text has been brought to life in our current productions.


We intend to launch an ambitious new education and training programme providing opportunities for different sectors of the Community to access workshops and the expertise from our ensemble. 



Our upcoming education programmes:




The company are staging Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast in October 2014. The play is an authorised adaptation of the original text and part of our arrangement with the Peake estate is to present four educational workshops in Milton Keynes schools.


We want to interest the young people of the area in participating in the production, to come and see the play and to be excited about exploring the world of words.



A doomed lord, an emergent hero, and a dazzling array of bizarre creatures inhabit the magical world of Gormenghast.


At the centre of it all is the seventy-seventh Earl, Titus Groan, who stands to inherit the miles of rambling stone and mortar that form Gormenghast Castle and its kingdom, unless the conniving Steerpike, who is determined to rise above his menial position and control the House of Groan, has his way.



The 3-hour workshops explore the themes and characters from the novel using games, drama exercises and selected scenes from Peake’s novel.


The workshops are led by our education wing, Caz Tricks, Tim Dalgleish, Fiona Smith. All three have a vast experience of working in theatre and with young people.



Warm up exercises / games:

  • to break down barriers, promote concentration, co-operation, collaboration, communication, trust and to have some fun!

Vocal warm-up:  

  • to increase resonance, clarity, articulation, breath control and vocal quality.

Physical theatre: 

  • working within the student’s own abilities and enabling them to develop confidence.
  • to create still images and sequences of movements, exploring the themes of ritual, responsibility, freedom, restriction and explore the characters in the novel through their physicality.

Text work:  

  • to explore characters and scenes through improvisation and script work.

Number of participants:

  • Maximum 30 students per session


  • open floor space
  • power source
  • school staff to be present during the workshop
  • Students will need to wear comfortable clothing and have access to water  

Cost: £150


For further details or to book a workshop please contact Caz Tricks via email at carabosse.theatre@gmail.com, or call her on 07875 429503.