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1950's Themed Fundraiser! 23rd August


Here’s your chance to get into summer 1950's style at the Carabosse Theatre Company Fundraiser! We're hoping to raise £3000 for our set and scaffolding for our production of GORMENGHAST BY MERVYN PEAKE in October!


Enter into the garden of Ffitch Manor and listen to the sounds of THE BROADWAY TWISTERS, MARK DA COSTA and DANNY WINCH as we rock and roll all afternoon. KELE BAKER will also be giving everyone a fantastic lesson in how to jive 50's style!! After you've boogied, have a nibble at our lovely finger buffet, but please bring your own drinkies! Children welcome!


You can be a part of our fundraiser by sponsoring, donating, or by simply attending the event to find out more about our up coming production of Gormenghast! All proceeds benefit our future productions and community based programming.


Date: 23rd August
Time: 1pm 
Venue: Longville Court, Old Wolverton, MK12, Milton Keynes (near the Galleon Pub)


Next Big Fantasy Project For Stage To Launch ‘Finding Titus’ Workshops  in June


Carabosse Theatre Company have adapted the first two books of the Gormenghast trilogy by Mervyn Peake into an extraordinary, vibrant and visually stunning theatrical production, which is to have its world premiere right here in Milton Keynes.


And in partnership with the community interest company, Make a Difference (MAD), they are now searching for three talented young actors to take on one of the leading roles. ‘Finding Titus’ is a huge campaign of workshops to find the perfect young actors for the role of ‘Titus’. The reason why three is the magic number is because; the actors will have to portray ‘Titus’ at different stages of his life within the walls of Gormenghast – with two actors required around 11-14 years old, and one actor around 18-21.


The workshops will be toured around Milton Keynes schools, and community centres in June, with each exploring the themes and characters from the novel using games, drama exercises and selected scenes from Peake’s novel.


For actors looking to audition for the role of adult Titus – workshop auditions will be taking place at The Buszy, 401 Elder Gate, Milton Keynes on 7th June  at 10am until 4pm.


‘Gormenghast’ by Mervyn Peake, adapted by Carabosse Theatre Company, will have it’s world premiere at The Chrysalis Theatre, Milton Keynes from 7th to 12th October 2014.


Tickets are available to purchase online now: